About LockerLife

Our Passion

LockerLife is a logistic solution provider that primarily provides e-Lockers for parcel self-collection. We aim to provide hassle-free delivery experience for customers anytime and anywhere. LockerLife is not only a locker to meet any shipping need, it is also designed to provide you and your families with all-round platform-based services, such as Transfer Service. We understand your needs and we endeavor to offer you the flexibility and the seamless shopping experience.

Our Advantages

LockerLife has a dense network of lockers across all regions in Hong Kong that deliver flexible and reliable logistics solutions for people of different needs. The variety of locker location allows customers to collect parcels at ease.
In addition, LockerLife provides Transfer Service for customers who purchase on no matter mainland e-commerce platforms or the foreign ones. It's always easy and convenient for customers to place an order, track parcels, and collect parcels.


Going forward, more lockers will be put in use as soon as possible. In LockerLife, we believe everything could be fun even though you are just simply collecting a parcel from us. We aim high and we aim to make it fun. That's why we are continually dedicated to provide you with more value-added services in the near future.